House Of Ovis

A prospective animated feature film about an environmentally friendly fashion house run by a flock of sheep. To keep things organic they exclusively use their own fleece in woolly haute couture collections for the ovine glitterati.

Equal parts chic and silly, this is a tale of overblown artistic dreams and friendships tested, with a deep underlying ecological message.

The Hero
Known simply as Rolf. This daring young lamb’s pursuit of ever more experimental and sensational shows has taken the fasheepionista world by storm. 

The Cast
Along the way there are numerous supporters and opposers to Rolf’s creative journey. From the kindly Master Tailor who makes his every flight of fancy a reality, to the formidable Editor-in-Chief who can make or break his fledgling career.

The Plot Twist
Blinded by his ambition, Rolf will stop at nothing to make a bigger creative impact. Soon his search for ever-wilder methods and materials calls into question the very foundations of the ethical fashion industry itself.

I won’t tell the full story here, but this quest eventually leads him and his friends to a much darker place. Literally. 

House of Ovis is an original script looking for backing and development.
All current imagery is concept art only.
If you are an interested streaming platform,  animation studio or movie mogul please get in touch for the full pitch bible.