If you’re still hungry for more, a whistlestop tour of assorted additional Adland adventures.

Blowing spoof classified Loot ads up to 48 sheet poster size.

Making an eBay campaign and a ‘Battle of the Sexes’ chair with Yinka Ilori.

Another brand, another chair, for tons of Unibet ‘Armchair Experts’ to pontificate in.

Winning a pencil for a radio commercial that’s basically one long annoying pun, probably because it was for The Guardian.

Asking a proper movie star what his favourite Sky movie moments are.
And getting sent up by Peter Serafinowicz (NSFW).

Rehearsing dumb dramatic cliches with the 118-118 boys.

Having mug designs react to making Ovaltine.

Revealing how Weetaflakes came about.

Setting a sitcom in a phone recycling bin starring some Nokia classics.

I guess I could go on and on like this until we eventually reach a small-space banner for car insurance, but you get the idea.