Nations Fall

As each football team falls from the Euros or World Cup, so do my designs.
Upon completion they tell the story of the tournament.

For 31 Nations Fall - The Story of the 2022 Dystopian Carnival of Football and Shame I used AI to achieve a more end-of-days vision because, well, Qatar. And FIFA. And human rights. And LGBTQ+ rights.

23 Nations Fall - The Story of Euro 2020(1)  was inspired by the visual language of the day - the homemade cardboard placard, as wielded by fans protesting everything from Superleagues to unfit owners.

The whole thing started at the 2010 World Cup with deconstructed flags.

Next came fallen crests for Euro 2012.
Hanging next to Eine in an evolving exhibition at Graphic Bar in Soho, London.

For the 2014 World Cup it was animated squad number gifs.

During Euro 2016 I took a break as I was busy planning a football revolution for Carlsberg.
But returned again for the 2018 World Cup with a ball that got gradually filled in.

I have something new up my sleeve (hint, hint) for Euro 2024.