This Book Could Be Better

But it still won 72andSunny the Klarna account.

When you’re a Swedish tech company with a made-up word as a motto.
That sends out statements in fluff-lined envelopes.
 And has ambitions to be the first payment system on Mars.
You’re worth writing a 142 page book about.

They don’t write books about Barclays Bank.
Well, they might, but I wouldn’t want to read it.

It’s a Swedish saying that basically means ‘making a fool of yourself’.
As in “Anders totally shit in the blue cupboard in that meeting”.

And when they’d finished that we handed them a companion book containing Chapter 11. 
It was full of ideas for how we could ‘bring the extra o’ to their work and posters to remind them to keep behaving bravely as they grow.

They even printed 250 copies of the book to give to all their staff.